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Dallas, TX 75209

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Our consistent daily schedule and quality bilingual curriculum provide a fun, structured environment where children learn and thrive. At each age, our teachers help to develop
a love of learning, creativity and positive individual expression that leads to school readiness.

Toddler 1's: 12-18  Month Program

Our Toddler 1 program uses hands-on exploration and social interaction in safe, engaging surroundings to help your child learn about their expanding world.  Our teachers guide your active toddler with a curriculum that engages their natural curiosity.

Learning is focused on developing language skills, physical coordination, social skills, cooperation with others and self-confidence.

Toddler 2's: 18-30 Month Program

Our Toddler 2 program harnesses the boundless energy of your toddler and directs it into fun learning experiences that nurture their endless curiosity and growing independence.  Teachers build children's cognitive and social skills through hands-on activities, opportunities for independent exploration and play, reading and singing.

Learning is focused on developing vocabulary and pre-reading skills, creative expression, physical coordination, social skills and fostering growth in self-confidence.

Pre-School Program

Your child will thrive in our pre-school learning program that offers the Big Day for Pre-K curriculum and opportunities for hands-on exploration daily! 
Our program combines planned learning experiences and structured play in a safe, fun environment.  Our pre-school classroom is expertly arranged into learning centers that guide your child's exploration into math, science, creative expression, reading and music while they continue to develop their social-emotional skills and physical coordination.

After School Program

Our before and after-school programs give you the flexibility you need, and offer your child a safe, stable family environment where they can start and end each day. 

We provide transportation to and from many area schools, so you can rest assured your child is well cared for until you pick them up in the evening.  
 Our children follow a regular, well-supervised schedule that includes indoor activities, outdoor play, homework time and a nutritious snack.  We include time for socializing, playing games and sports, doing arts and craft projects, dramatic play, puzzles and other age-appropriate activities